NeoScan 1000

The Latest Digital scanner NeoScanTm 1000

Digital intraoral scanners have taken the traditional practice of taking a dental impression of your teeth to a new level. They are touch-free, comfortable, precise, and 100% accurate.

NeoScanTm1000 benefits:

  1. No gagging & choking.
  2. Digital scanning simplifies the dental impression to just a few short minutes.
  3. You can even watch the model of your teeth being generated on screen with each pass of the wand until it a highly accurate.
  4. Time savings for patients and Dentists.
  5. Comfortable patient experience.
  6. High accuracy of dental models – that means NO errors.
  7. Perfect for any dental restoration, including crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, orthodontic and implant treatment.
  8. Great for people with loose teeth.

Digital NeoScanTm 1000 dental models – that means NO errors.



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