Emergency Dental Care

We’re a general dentistry practice providing cosmetic dentistry treatments too.

emergency dentist woodfordIf you are in pain and would benefit from emergency dental treatment then rest assured that we will help in any way we can.

We can help with a huge range of dental emergencies. We will investigate the source of your discomfort and carry out any necessary treatment. This could include

– Pain relief

– Re-cementing crowns and bridges

– First stage root canal treatment

– Gentle tooth removal if the tooth is un-restorable

– Any other dentally related emergencies such as cyst diagnosis, treating trauma cases, fractured teeth etc.

 Because Signature Smile offers a bespoke dental service we will be able to see emergency patients normally within 24hrs. In the majority of cases however, we are able to see most emergency patients well before by extending our opening hours on demand.

Call now on 0208 505 4466.