Susan’s Enlighten Whitening Journey


I came for a consultation as I was interested in tooth whitening after seeing a picture of myself and realising my teeth were quite dark in shade which knocked my confidence quite a lot. After having discussed the treatment in full with

the dentist I decided to treat myself to the Enlighten for my birthday. I was very impressed with the information given about the whitening and it was such a bonus that the whitening guarantees you the B1 shade which is the best results possible if you were going to spend money on having your teeth whitened.

The whole process is really quick and easy to use. I was impressed with how quickly my teeth whitened and I only experienced sensitivity a little on one night and after I used my desenitising  solution you get in the kit it was gone straight away.

I am so happy with the results of my teeth whitening, I am so much more confident when I smile now and pictures of myself and my smile no longer bother me.

I would recommend Enlighten tooth whitening to anyone who is unhappy with the shade of their teeth no matter what their age. It is also very reassuring that this whitening kit guarantees you the shade you would like to achieve that lasts for life. This means it is certainly worth the money. No other whitening kits I looked into offer you the same results and do require you to constantly maintain your teeth shade afterward. Enlighten was by far the best choice I made!

Thank you to all the happy friendly staff at Brunner Court Dental Practice that made me feel relaxed about coming to the dentist.

Susan Rowland