Teeth Whitening


Incredible results in around an hour

The whitening enhanced special toothpaste upper & lower whitening tray, the home whitening kit, 40 minutes in office procedure & full scale and polish starting from £450’

ZOOM! Power Whitening

Zoom is a scientifically advanced treatment as seen on ‘Extreme Makeover’ it’s great for getting amazing instant results in only 60 minutes!

Using a special power light the Zoom formula rapidly targets and eliminates all those internal stains on teeth caused by years of………living! Yes, we mean coffee, tea, smoking etc.

This system is perfect for anyone wanting fast, single visit results without the hassle of impressions, take home kits and so on. From using it on ourselves, we know it is superbly effective.

The procedure is simple, after thoroughly cleaning your teeth, the mouth is prepared by covering the lips and cheeks, leaving only the teeth exposed. The teeth are then carefully covered with the Zoom! Whitening gel. Sit back and relax, knowing than in 45 minutes you’ll have a brighter, whiter smile!

For those patients who wish to whiten in the comfort of their home, we also offer zoom take-home kits. Impressions are taken of your mouth and precise fitting moulds are worn in your own home, putting you in charge of how light you want to go! Results are normally seen in 7-10 days.

For the ultimate in immediate and long lasting whitening then a combination of the two kits are available!

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

Enlighten Deep Whitening



This system is great for those who want gentler but still very effective whitening that is carried out either purely at home or both in the practice and at home, Enlighten is the first and only supplier who guarantee that any patient will whiten to at least B1.

This system uses very tight fitting bleaching trays that are essential in making sure that your gums are properly protected.

Perfect for anyone with sensitive teeth.