Facial Esthetics


Facial Aesthetics is a growing industry and you can now get this treatment at Brunner court Dental Practice. Looking fresh and reducing the appearance of winkles or getting Preventative facial aesthetic treatment is the speciality treatment that we can offer to you.

We believe that we would only use products we are prepared to use on ourselves and therefore use the best products available.

Azzalure and Juvederm and our products of choice at Brunner Court Dental practice as these have given our clients trusted results time and time again.

You can visit there websites for further information about the products and the results they can offer.

Call in at Brunner Court Dental Practice and speak to one of our team members about this treatment. 0208 505 4466


Price Guide 

Botox –

  • 1 Area from £95.00
  • 2 Areas from £180.00
  • 3 Areas from £250.00

Dermal Fillers 

  • Lip Definition – from  £150
  • Lip Agumentation  from £200
  • Naso Labial ( Nose to Mouth Lines) from £220
  • Marionette Lines from £220
  • Smokers lines from £200
  • Glabella and Crowsfeet from £150
  • Cheek Agumenation from £285
  • Tear Trough Correction from £285
  • Nose Agumentation from £350


8 Point Face Lift from £800 – For a complete new fresh look.


If interested call the practice to book in a no obligation free 15 consultation to assess your needs. We will recommend treatments that work and have shown to provide results. Rest assured your in the right hands.


Call 01606-44394 or email at dentist@dentistwoodford.com