Replacement of Missing or Multiple Teeth with Implants

Missing a single tooth  can affect the way you eat, speak feel and look at all times. You might have lost the tooth through various ways such as trauma, infection, root fracture, failure in root canal treatment or failure due to other reasons.

You can now have this gap replaced using a single implant to support a bridge or replace the missing gap with up-to-date modern techniques. This would typically involve placement of a dental implant in the missing space left behind by the missing tooth. This would be followed by a restorative procedure to place a crown that would look like a natural tooth.

Replacement of missing teeth using this technique shows a very high success rate of 98% with conventional oral hygiene and dental care. These figures are due to the high success rates of using a well-established Implant system and high level of expertise you would receive at Signature Smiles.