Keyhold Dental Implants

Missing a tooth or  multiple  teeth is a common  dental problem .  With lost of teeth, there is a general loss of well being . Your eating functions are impaired and your smile might be unsightly . Your daily and social life will be affected due to loss of confidence.  Teeth replacement  is of paramount importance in the modern society.   While a tooth implant or dental implant  is the best way to replace a missing tooth or teeth, many patients are avoiding dental implants as a teeth replacement modality because of the fear of dental implant surgery .With recent advances in digital x-ray imaging,  key hole implant placement is now a clinical possibility. If you are one of those who requires dental implants but have a phobia for surgery, “keyhole dental implants” may just be the right option for you.

 What is Keyhole tooth implant ?

In conventional  dental implant placement , a gum flap have to be raised to expose the jaw bone in order to place a dental implant. In “keyhole dental implant “, a flapless approach is utilized.  No gum flap is raised , a tissue punch or special drills are used to punch a small in the gum. Keyhole tooth implant is not a type of implant ,but it is minimalist approach to dental implant installation into the jaw bone . In other words it is a no flap or no incision approach to install a dental implant.

What are the advantages of “keyhole tooth implant”?

Since it is a minimalist dental implant surgery technique, with no gum flap raised , there will be less trauma to gum tissues. With less trauma to gum tissues, there will be less post operative swelling and discomfort. As shown on the picture on the left , no gum flap were raised instead a special drill is used to punch a small hole in the gum in order to drill a channel in the jaw bone so as to install a dental implant fixture. One good outcome of this technique is minimal surgical trauma to gum tissues.